This man does not give up; He just stuck his finger in Washington's eye

Albin Kurti stated that the USA and the EU are biased in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, claiming Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajčak are coming with Serbia's demands.

Source: Kosovo online

Kosovo's Prime Minister told the Associated Press that his cabinet took a different stance, calling the authorities in Serbia an "autocratic regime." "We insist that good behavior with an autocrat does not make him behave better. On the contrary," Kurti said.

He stated that the envoys of the USA and the EU for negotiations - Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajčak, are coming with Serbia's demands. "They come to us with demands. With the demands of the other side," Kurti said, as reported by the "Kosovo Online" portal.

He maintains that the presence of special police forces cannot be reduced until "criminal Serbian gangs either leave the country or are arrested", adding that there will be peace in Kosovo if there are no "orders for violence from Belgrade".

Kurti also says that Western powers should not pander to Belgrade, in which he sees, as he says, "an essential problem for violence in the Western Balkans."

He stated that even for the special elections in the four northern municipalities with a majority Serbian population on April 23, the so-called international mediators failed Kosovo, because, as he said, they called for electoral amendments, but did not pressure the only political party of ethnic Serbs to participate in the vote.

That is why he says that he will need the help of the international community to foster political pluralism in the ethnic Serbian minority, in order to ensure "fair competition and a democratic race for new mayors".

"We cannot allow ourselves another process that will be boycotted by the Serbian candidates a few days before the start of the elections, because that is what Belgrade is ordering," said Kurti.

This is not the first time that criticism has come from Pristina against the international community, which after the last escalation in the north of Kosovo, took the side of Serbia.

Even the US ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, stated in an interview with Voice of America that the US has a problem with Kurti.


Kurti wants war at any cost

PM of temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, confirmed with the actions of arresting Serbs that he has one goal, that is to provoke a war at any cost.

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